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Rumble Strips - Motorcycle

Oh this is so fun.

1. Put on your dancing shoes.

2. Pump up the Volume of your Speakers. To The Limit.

3. Smile when the horns start playing.

4. Slowly start moving.

5. Be amused by those silly lyrics.

6. Shake Your Head.

7. Start moving faster.

8. Start singing along.

9. Dance.

10. Dance Faster.

11. Look melancholic when the tempo of the song decreases.

13. Be fascinated when a quirky songs (almost) turns epic.

14. Well not really. It’s too quirky for its own good.

15. Press repeat.

The Rumble Strips - Motorcycle


And head Over to Green Pea-Ness to download Rumble Strips' fantastic new single:

"Hate Me You Do"

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