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My Brightest Diamond - Something Of An End

I didn't expect to be blown away by this song.
I expected some soft whispering innocent sounds from Shara Worden, best known as a member of Sufjan Stevens' Illinoisemakers.

And then this song comes out of my speakers. And all of a sudden I'm captivated, what an unbelievable song.
This doesn't have anything of the soft, chillful sounds of Sufjan. Yes, it's tightly orchestrated like her former project, but this is dark, it's enigmatic.
When she starts singing you will be haunted by her voice, and the beautiful, complex orchestration.

it starts innocently, but then all of a sudden you can't help but notice your room is shaking, but it doesn't matter. you must get through it.

oh, it is shaking terribly. You're falling to the ground...
No!!! YOU MUST NOT! Everything's crashing down. OH NO!

"the earth started shaking,
yeah it was crazy, heaven and hell came crashing down.
it was beautiful and terrible,
so beautiful and terrible."

And you can't help but listen to it in absolute awe, and the next thing you'll do is hunt down every single song you can find of her in the inter-web.

This is a revelation.

My Brightest Diamond - Something Of An End

Her album "Bring Me The Workhorse" will be released on August 22nd on Asthmatic Kitty.

More Information:
(Official Homepage)
(Ashtmatic Kitty Records)