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I (heart) Spiders

Before I leave for the Go Die Big City! gig this evening, I have to give you this amazing video by them.

It's all Old School Nintendo-ish, and it's all great in that way. (and why did the Arcade Fire never do such a video? I mean, ARCADE and all?).

And the song is really fun, too. Nothing sophisticated about it, really.
Spiders, La-La-Las, Videogames, Quirkiness. what more do you want for summer?
And you gotta love the La-La-Las.

Now go to their Myspace and download some songs, befriend them and show them some love. Thank you very much.

I'm out now.

ich bin ├╝brigens offiziell der mit dem apfel als kopf aus irgendeinem grund.



wegen der gruenen schuhe ist das

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