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Blogathon 2006 & Swedish Indiepop

I've just decided to help Bethanne over at "Clever Titles Are So Last Summer" at this year's Blogathon.
It's a simple concept: in the course of 24 hours we will blog every 30 minutes, and we're doing this to raise money for charity. I'm not yet sure if we're going for a theme, or if it will be anything goes, but I know it will be fun.

Bethanne decided to sponsor the "Global Fund for Women", and we all need to support her in this brave quest.

Blogathon will happen on July 29.
We're in the course of setting things up, I'm not sure how many bloggers will join the fun. (I hope it will be a lot of them - I need some sleep :-)

But we will make it, we will raise money, we will make the world a better place. Please join us, donate some money, read the posts and have fun.

And as we will sponsor the Global Fund For Women, I want to introduce you to a woman who deserves our attention. Another gem right out of the beautiful country of Sweden.

Maia Hirasawa - My New Friend (Myspace)

I found Maia through Hello Saferide's Myspace page. Maia is a member of Hello Saferide, but records also songs of her own.
These songs are in the vain of the tender indie pop Hello Saferide are playing. This was a really pleasant find, she really deserves to be heard.

(and to be absolutely honest with you: I fell in love when I saw her smile :-)

If you want to buy her EP, send her an E-Mail.
It's just 9 Euros including shipping for International Customers.