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Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything

This is not a music post.
But quite essential nonetheless.

If you don't listen to Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything, I suggest that you start with it immediately.

It's one of the most fascinating programs I've ever heard. TOE is a weekly podcast which discusses the most different things. Whether it's about the legend of Stanislaw Lem, the music of Ethiopia, a curious incident at the Slobodon Milosevic trial, a college for clowns or CIA's wiretapping program, it's always interesting, amusing, shocking, curious, often very funny.
The program is presented in the form of interviews, fictional stories, semi-fictional stories, telephone conversations, always quite differently, always a treat to listen.

At Theory Of Everything's website you can find a blog and a full audio archive of shows dating back to 2004.
I highly recommend the following shows, I especially and quite heartily recommend "Clown College":
slobodan revisit
Chinese hearts
Stanislaw Lem
Clown college(GO NOW, LISTEN!!)
Holler Back