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Beautiful Tender Music & A Reminder That This Blog Ain't Dead

This is just a lazy post, to tell everyone that I'm still alive.
If someone actually thought I ended the blog after a week, you're wrong.
I'm just in a lot of stress right now, and don't have time for music blogging.
Life can be such a mess sometimes, all my respect to bloggers out there who regularly post every single day.

I need to talk about a research paper tomorrow morning, and I really hate working on that presentation.
anyways, I need a calming voice right now to prevent me to throw this paper right in the garbage can, and so I listen to a couple of beautiful, tender, calming songs.
like paper bird.

paper bird is a one-girl-project consisting of home-recorded songs.
she uses pretty primitive equipment for recording, plus a couple of beloved
instruments (including the recorder, guitars and the glockenspiel).
sounds come from the streets, the beaches, the mountains.

I need to talk about paper bird in more detail in the future (because she writes such wonderful songs, but I don't have time for doing that tonight. So I advise you to head over to paper bird's myspace, and listen to these songs. You won't regret it.

Also over at her homepage, you can download 3 EPs for free.

Back to science.