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Another Weekly Blog Sampler

Remember when I said this would be a weekly feature. I guess that was three weeks ago. or was it a month? Yeah, I'm a lazy f*** sometimes. I know.

Anyways: These are my favourite posts of the last week (in no particular order):

Berkeleyplace had a feature on "conscious rappers"
A conscious rapper has his (or her) own style. He doesn’t promote the Thug Life, but might have come from it. He’d rather uplift the people than his $ accounts. He doesn’t wanna sling ki-s, and his biggest enemy is ignorance. This week, I’m posting on my favorite conscious rappers (currently working).

He posted about Saigon, Lupe Fiasco & The Coup. At least check out Lupe Fiasco's Kick Push. It's the best rap song I've heard this year.

Motel de Moka posted about the Top 12 Contemporary music albums of 2005-2006
The albums that I'm proposing for this ranking allows us to get close to some of the most relevant composers of contemporary music. Released between April 2005 and May 2006, the recordings on the list were positioned according to diverse opinions and reviews published on specialized media. The following guide intends to provide the listener a decent collection of some the most interesting albums in the genre but also generate an appreciation for the sonorous diversity of our epoch.

Bows + Arrows has a new, extremely cool header and a new b-side by The Hold Steady.

Ryspace posted a magnificent self-recorded bootleg of a recently recorded Okkervil River Show.

RBally continues to be a fantastic blog for live music and posted a radio set by everyone's beloved Feist performing Live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Green Pea-Ness shared the best new indie-disco tracks I've heard in a long time: The Rumble Strips' "Hate Me You Do" & Long Blondes' "Fulwood Babylon".
ATTENTION INDIE DISCO DJS: I am about to do your job for you. If the ever-throbbing dancefloor confined entirely within my head is any indication, here is exactly how you get a bunch of graphic-design majors to spill their drinks in frenzied excitement next time you're out on the job.

1.681 is a terrific blog that shares a song they love and a photograph that describes said song. It's a fantastic concept. This one works especially well: Tom Waits - “The Black Rider”

Carl Wilson ends his guest shift over at Said The Gramophone with a terrific post covering Final Fantasy, Destroyer & Vancouver Nights. But really everything Carl wrote over there is a must read.

Goodhodgkins put together a spreadsheet covering most of the recent best-albums-of-the-year-so-far postings throughout the blog-o-sphere.
He also had some songs of the recently leaked Mountain Goats album.

Nothing But Green Lights posts on former Art Brut's guitarist new project Mucaca Mullata.

Said The Gramophone's Dan Beirne created a absolutely haunting visual for Parenthetical Girls' "The Weight She Fell Under".

The latest Contrast Podcast features Beatles Covers. And is absolutely magnificent.

Fluxblog writes some words about recently deceased Syd Barrett, original leader of Pink Floyd.

Skatterbrain posted a Q&A with John Patterson of The Grates.

Thanks for the shout . . . .

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