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A Weekly Blog Sampler

I love the weekly blog round-ups some blogs regularly do (Largehearted Boy, Mocking Music, etc.) I subscribe to dozens of blogs with my RSS reader and still miss so many great postings every week.

I'd missed a lot of music if I didn't read those weekly round-ups. And that's the reason I wanted to do one as well. Maybe this can be helpful to some readers. I'll try to do one of those every Sunday.

1. This blog covers the setlists of every single Radiohead concert this summer, and has the complete sets from Bonnaroo, Philadelphia, Copenhagen and London for download.

2. My Old Kentucky Blog brings you several live covers by Elliott Smith.

3. Largehearted boy has "No Children" sung by the Mountain Goats' fans.

There are rare moments at live shows where music fans experience a truly magical moment. Last week, the Mountain Goats swung through California, and John Darnielle's voice was feeling the effects of illness. Truly inspired, he decided to rest his voice and let the audience sing "No Children" from Tallahassee, and the crowd erupted into an indie choir. Though I didn't attend the show (last Tuesday in San Francisco), the recording alone gave me goosebumps.

4. Kwaya Na Kisser shares a Mix of songs full of unrequited love
and revisits the protest song. They also shared a great recording of a 1989' Bob Dylan concert.

5. So Much Silence shares radio performances by Cold War Kids and Birdmonster.

6. I Guess I'm Floating presents an unbelievable mix of his favourite 50 tunes this year and rants about Pitchfork.

7. Bows + Arrows shares its summer playlist.

8. Musicisart is one of the best new blogs there is, and always shares wonderful music, visual art and poetry. A must see, listen and feel.

9. Everyone's favourite new artist Beirut shares some songs in one more amazing "Said The Guests" Feature over at Said The Gramophone.

10. Motel de Moka shares yet another amazing playlist as they always do: Distant Sounds Of Summer III

11. "The Rich Girls Are Weeping" deliver a couple of fantastic remixes.

and finally, hands down the post of the week:

12. Marathonpacks invites guest author Chilly Jay Chill to talk about Free Jazz.

Das mit der Wochenübersicht ist eine gute Idee, kannte etwa von den Elliott Smith Sachen noch nicht alles.

Und die Radioheadsetlists schüren meine Vorfreude.
Fährst du jetzt auch Sziget? Würde ja nur 20 Euro Eintritt kosten.

thankyou so much for the kinds words, it truly means alot. love the hot pink and stars! :)

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