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Sky Larkin - Somersault (Notes!)

Thanks for introducing me this absolutely amazing band to the always reliable Nothing But Green Lights.

Sky Larkin are Katie (vox, guitar), Lindsay (bass) and Nestor (drums).
They're from Leeds, UK and are still unsigned.

And I have no idea why, as this is one of the best, freshest new bands I've heard in quite a while. Somersault (notes!) (mp3) might very well be their best song. It leaps forward, and the first thing you'll do is push the volume control up to the limits.

Nestor's pounding drums carrys this song forward, you can't help to sing/scream along to Katie's frantic vocals. And every band with a female bassplayer gets 100 bonuspoints (at least ;) )

This is absolutely fantastic, it's charming, it's addictive. I urge you to listen to this song, to this band. Please listen to all songs on their myspace, download them, put them on your iPod or burn them on a CD, listen to them everwhere you go, everywhere you drive to. You'll feel better, you'll smile, you'll sing along. I promise you that.

Somehow needs to use his brain, and immediately sign this band. They need to be huge.