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Pitchfork 100 Awesome Videos

This one song a day feature I was going for really is to restrictive for my tastes. I want to post random links if I want to. I want to give you clips straight from the tube. I want to post pics from shows I went to.
Or like earlier today, I want to link to amazing posts I find in the blog-o-sphere (or the whole internet for that matter) whenever I want to.
I like this bloggin' thing very much. so expect kind words about great songs I listen to, but also expect everything else, or nothing.

Just expect every post to be about something I care about. I won't post a song "I kinda like". Or post a song of some mediocre band that mailed me their promo CD or added me at Myspace.
I want to make this blog as spontaneous as possible, on some days I won't feel inspired at all, or won't have material for the blog, on other days I might post 4 times a day. Just the way it fits.
And my native language is German, so expect lots of grammatical mistakes and typos. But I need to write in English more often, and the blog is a great way to do that.

Now something completely different.
Sometimes I hate Pitchfork. Sometimes I don't.
And this is great:

Pitchfork Presents: 100 Awesome Music Videos

And you know it's The Fork, when you get A-ha, The Decemberists, Björk, Boards of Canada, random Hip Hop & David Hasselhoff all on the same list. oh my.
Lots of guilty pleasures (Girls just wanna have fun!?), but also lots of really great videos (in an artistic sense - e.g. Sigur Rós) .

And the best of all that: you can stream all of those videos directly from youtube. so rush over there, before some record company decides to pull some of those videos from the tube.

Yeah, I'll say it. Youtube is probably the greatest thing ever.

If you don't like my new layout, don't be shocked. as this blog is still in its infant stages I'll probably change the template a couple of times before I decide which way I want to go. I'm not really sure yet.