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This is an MP3 blog. probably MP3 blog #34617.
so why should you care?

I'm planning to post one song I adore every day. simple as that.

Could be the hottest band in town right now, could be some obscure song by a friend of mine.
could be a sad acoustic song like today, or the The Knife remix I'm diggin'

And yes, I want to start this blog with an obscure song by a good friend of mine sung in an obscure Austrian dialect (Vorarlberg). Yeah, really.

Wildwaexl - Hem(expired)
It's a silent song, slowly progressing.
a calming acoustic guitar pattern starts the song followed by Hubert's sad voice.
"Look what he's doing. He arrived a couple of years ago and tomorrow he'll be gone."
he declares before Ruth's beautiful violin joins in. I shudder everytime I hear her playing the violin.

I always think of her when I listen to Bright Eyes' Song: "Going For The Gold".

"I know a girl who cries when she practices violin
cause each note sounds so pure
it just cuts into her
and then the melody comes pouring out her eyes"

that's how the violin feels for me in this song. it's sad, it's pure, it's beautiful, it's perfect.