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The Fiery Furnaces

I've never been a fan of the Fiery Furnaces. Yes I do like experimental music, but in my inner heart I'm still a lover of a straightforward beautiful popsong, shining melodies I can sing along to. Yeah, sounds like Top 40 radio, but that's not what I mean.

I read one hell of a great review on FF Blueberry Boat, when it came out a couple of years ago, shortly listened to the record, and put it back in the shelves. They didn't get me in that short moment. The record didn't grab me, I was really put off by all these strange sounds, when I stood in the record store, listening to a record for the first time. It didn't grab me then, and I never went back to the FF since.

So a couple of weeks ago, I grabbed a (wonderful) acoustic session FF performed at KEXP from goodhodgkins. Nothing was like it was before.
These short acoustically performed songs were gems, they were beautiful popsongs, grabbing hold of your hand, pulling you in. I was totally in love with that session.
And starting from that session I started to listen to the actual albums of the Furnaces. Two songs from that session totally grabbed hold of me: "Teach Me Sweetheart" and "I'm Waiting To Know You", both songs of the new Fiery Furnaces record "Bitter Tea".
FF studio records sound very complex, using all kind of distortions and "irksome warblings" (I love that phrase, taken from a Cokemachineglow review ;-) ) . But if you listen to the acoustic session, with only Matthew Friedbergers acoustic guitar and Eleanor Friedberger's vocals, you'll realize these are simple, catchy popsongs. And beautiful at that.

Head over to Goodhodgkins and listen to FF acoustic on KEXP.

And I needed just these simple versions of the songs as a starting point to experience the Fiery Furnaces studio records. I just bought their latest record "Bitter Tea" a couple of days ago, and I absolutely adore that record now. These are simple, beautiful songs, sometimes hidden beneath strange distortions, but they never go too far, they always come back to you, and heartily sing another catchy melody in your ears (before storming away again, more noise to come). But you always know, they'll be back...
And here they are.

After listening to one acoustic session, I'm close to buying Fiery Furnaces whole discography, so thank you KEXP, thank you Goodhodgkins.

Legal downloads (from Fatpossum).

Benton Harbor Blues (again)
Waiting To Know You

Buy the record.

Fiery Furnaces sind super, also ja, alles kaufen. Das lohnt sich.

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