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The Best Tracks He Downloaded Legally

I know I turn into a "Nothing But Green Lights" fanboy as of late, but this is blog is so good, I need to link to it. Mike will solely talk about music that's really important to him, he won't shill you the next big thing, to get some traffic.

Mike made a great great mix of the 19 best tracks he legally downloaded over the last six months. And it's awesome, yeah, really awesome.
Gems and gems and gems. Jamie Radford, Voxtrot, Herman Dune, Tigs, Beirut, Sky Larkin, Rose Kemp, The Harvey Girls, Prototypes, Victor Scott, Husky Rescue, one thing better than the other.

This is great, and most of all, it showcases how much great music out there is legally available for free. You just have to look for it.

I need to write about some of these artists (right now I'm quite obsessed with Rose Kemp & Jamie Radford), but for now get that mix, and enjoy it, while it's up.

Head over to Nothing But Green Lights & Download it now.
And say thanks.